Comal County Fair – The Most Popular County Fair in Central Texas


The Comal County Fair is undoubtedly the most popular county fair in Central Texas at the moment, and it definitely has strong reasons to be on top. It offers plenty of amazing activities and entertainment options which we will mention for you in this article so that you can understand better why this annual event is so important to locals and not only.


When it comes to Comal County Fair, one thing is sure, you will never get bored because you will always find something new and interesting to do. The event includes a fair parade, a pet parade Antique farm show, shoebox floats, the HEB farmer’s market, PRCA rodeo, Baking, salsa, homebrew contests, kiddie tractor pull, pig races, crafting, knitting & sewing awards, pig races, Papa Murphy’s pizza eating contest, and baby barnyard. As you can see there is something for each of you, young and old alike. Furthermore, there will also be the D&D Kid Zone, which is basically a very lovely area focused on all sort of opportunities that allow the little ones learn lots of interesting and useful things about agriculture. This amazing area includes corn pits, farm bureau educational trailer, skulls & skills exhibit from the master naturalist, roping dummies with lassos, very healthy activities for children and families, and Texas AgriLife animal crafts. We are sure that the children will absolutely love these attractive activities and they will have lots of fun while actually learning some useful things. The age is not a problem, so parents can take their kids with them no matter the age.


Vibrant entertainment will keep you having fun throughout the entire event. There will be quality live music played by famous bands such as George Straight Tribute Band, Bellamy Brothers, Jeremy Richards Band, and Glen Templeton & Gary Glenn. All in all, it looks like it’s going to be absolutely beautiful. Anyone who is interested in this event should visit the official website. The Comal County Fair is highly appreciated not only by locals but by tourists as well. There are plenty of them who come every year from other parts of Texas and not only. This is an excellent opportunity for locals to also make some money by renting their homes to all these tourists. Due to the fact that the hotels are quite expensive, many of the visitors choose to rent a room in a house. Anyway, they will be outdoors most of the time. Therefore, if you also want to attend this event in the future then you might take this tip into account, especially if your budget will be a limited one.


As you have read in this article the Comal County Fair has plenty to offer and visitors will surely not be bored. Fun is without a doubt guaranteed for everyone no matter the age. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend high-quality time with your children as well. The only thing you need to do is to rest very well as you will be quite busy during the event.

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