Five Interesting Facts about the US Democrats


The political scene of the United States of America is without a doubt very controversial and plenty of important things are hidden from all of us. However, when it comes to Democrats there are many interesting things about them, things that lots of people have no idea about. We will show you in this short article five interesting facts about the US Democrats.


They Are More Liberal These Days

There is no doubt that the US Democrats have become a lot more liberal in recent years. Those who actually describe their political views as liberal has considerably increased over the past 10 years. In surveys conducted this year, 40% describe themselves as liberal, 36% are moderates, and 24% are conservative. Nowadays, around 94% of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican and around 92% are to the right of the median Democrat.

They Are Very Loyal to the Ex-President Obama

This is another interesting fact about Democrats which you probably haven’ heard about. Barack Obama’s overall job rating was 40%, but all Democrats were actually overwhelmingly supportive of him. Nearly 85% of Democrats approve of the way the president was handling his job. Even though Obama is not president anymore he is still extremely appreciated and influential. George W. Bush had a much lower overall job rating and also a very low rating among his own party that Obama had in the past and Donald Trump has today.

Democrates Wanted Donald Trump to Continue Obama’s Policies

Another interesting fact about the US democrats is that they wanted Donald Trump to continue Obama’s Policies. In the most recent survey, more than 60% of possible democratic primary voters said that they would vote for that candidate who will offer programs similar to the Obama administration. A lot smaller percentage expressed positive views regarding that candidate who will cut the size of big banks and expand trade agreements.

Democrats are Divided Over Going After Big Banks

Republicans are more ideologically divided than Democrats. Liberal democratic voters are more likely than conservatives when it comes to expressing a positive view of a candidate who backs the Iran nuclear deal. Comparable percentages of liberals 44% and conservatives 45% say that they have more chances to vote for a candidate who actually wants to expand trade agreements.

Democrats are Also Divided When It Comes to the Importance of a New Presidential Candidate

More than 50% of Democrats say that it is extremely important for a presidential candidate to have an excellent experience and a proven record as well. Only 35% of them believe that is more important to have new ideas and a totally different approach. Therefore, democrats who value experience have without a doubt very different candidate preferences.


In conclusion, all the above five interesting facts about the United States Democrats are probably quite surprising to many of us, since these details haven’t been discussed in the public so far. After all, politicians and the political scene in the United States of America and not only has always been very debated and criticized.

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