Politicians Who Were Caught with Escorts


Not only usual people request the services of an escort these days but politicians as well, and most of them have families with children. We will talk in this article about those politicians who were actually caught with escorts and who’s career has seriously been affected by this situation.


Fred Richmond

Fred Richmond, the New York representative was arrested in 1978 for requesting sexual services from an escort. He didn’t serve any jail time but he was ordered to psychiatric counseling. The scandal did not stop his district from re-electing him twice actually, but in 1982 he was involved in a drug scandal which caused him to resign.

Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer is another politician who was caught with an escort. He had this affair in 2008 and this meeting with $1k actually made him a national joke, which led later to his resignation. Despite all rumors that Spitzer has used campaign money in order to fund his nights out with escorts, prosecutors completely declined to press charges.

Joe Waggonner

Joe Waggonner was the Louisiana Democratic representative in 1976 when he was arrested in a prostitution sting while he was in Washington DC. The arrest didn’t stop Joe Waggonner’s constituents from re-electing him that same year. However, two years later the politician retired from the politic scene. Although these days is not a problem hiring an escort, it certainly was in the past, and especially for those who were politicians.

Mike Allen

This politician has been arrested when he requested the services of an escort while he was on a business trip in St. Paul. Mike Allen hired two call girls and instead of meeting them he actually met with an undercover police officer and he was arrested. The politician decided not to resign his political post. However, this situation had a negative impact on his career and on his personal life as well.

Jerry Springer

While Jerry Springer was a city councilman from Cincinnati, he was involved in a scandal, in 1974 that included an escort. When this information has been revealed, Jerry Springer resigned immediately from his office. That certainly did not stop him from running unsuccessfully for governor in 1982. Jerry Springer declared that he didn’t regret what he has done and that he will probably do it again. He didn’t do it again, or at least the press didn’t find out.

Allan Howe

In 1976, Allan Howe was arrested for solicitation of an escort. Unfortunately for this politician, those two women he approached to pay for sexual services were actually undercover police officers. After this incident, the politician didn’t resign from office. However, Allan Howe has not been re-elected for another term.


Not only the above politicians had their career affected in several ways, but they also had serious problems with their wives, as most of them were actually married. When it comes to escorts, things are not as risky as they were in the past but politicians are still not seen with good eyes if they request this type of services.


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