Things To Do in New Braunfels in December


In such a beautiful location such as Braunfels, you will always find plenty of interesting activities to go for no matter the season. Therefore, if you are actually planning to visit this place, then in this article we will offer you the advice you need in order to spend an amazing time there. Here are some amazing things you can do in New Braunfels in December.


Spend an Amazing Christmas at the Caverns

Since in December is Christmas what we recommend you to actually do in New Braunfels is to spend this wonderful holiday with the entire family in this lovely location. Natural Bridge Caverns is putting on several vibrant events throughout the entire month in order to celebrate to the fullest the Christmas season. These events include caroling, a Christmas village, a reindeer roundup, zip lines, and much more. All the necessary information can be found on the official website.

Attend the Spectacular New Braunfels Christmas Parade

Another fun thing to do in New Braunfels in December is to attend the Parade, which is an absolutely amazing show. In this month, the lovely and vibrant spirit of community and togetherness is in the air, and we are sure that you will experience a unique feeling. The parade is for adults and children alike, no matter the age. It is held in Downtown New Braunfels, on Saturday, 9th of December. Make sure you wear warm clothes as you will certainly spend the entire day outdoors.

Have a Family Fun Day

At the end of the year, the Recreation Department and the New Braunfels Parks is hosting is family fun day at Fischer Park. Take the little ones, go to this place, and enjoy to the fullest what this event has to offer.

Participate in an Art Contest

The New Braunfels Art League is partnering with the Greater New Braunfels Arts Council in order to sponsor an art contest in December with the beautiful theme of creativity. The contest will take place on 17th of December, at the Greater New Braunfels Arts Council. People of all ages can participate in this contest, which is quite challenging.

See Roger Creager Perform Live

Are you a Roger Creager’s fan? If so, then you must certainly not miss him performing live in December. All his shows are electric and with a vibrant rhythm that will keep you on the dance floor until morning. The live performance will be on the 30th of December, at Gruene Hall.

Dance the Whole Night on NYE

The famous Phoenix Salon is planning an amazing New Year’s Eve party and in case you do not have any solid plan for the end of the year we strongly recommend you to attend this event. Take your friends with you and spend a memorable night at Phoenix Salon. Make sure you book your tickets in advance in order to avoid not finding any.


Even though December is the end of the year and the weather is quite cold you can still find lots of interesting things to do in Braunfels. Check out the above wonderful suggestions and make sure you choose what suits you best.

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